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In order to draw attention to the refugee crisis in Moldova as a result of over 90,000 Ukrainians now residing in this, Europe's poorest nation: A number is equal to nearly 3% of the population!

Donations are tax-deductible and 100% of the funds we raise for the relief effort go directly to that effort, and nowhere else.

The video below is very graphic. Both the language of the combatants and the visual images are raw and unexpurgated. We certainly understand anyone's hesitance to view it and welcome you to skip ahead. In any event, we strongly recommend that no one under sixteen, or those with special sensitivity, watch it. However, we feel it necessary to post it as it is a visceral response to the question, "Why is Minjin in Ukraine?" This is the horror of Russia's invasion. Whatever your thoughts on politics, politicians, and political motivations, this is reality for the innocent people of Bakhmut and other Ukrainian towns, cities, and villages live with every day.

This video report from the BBC provides an overview of life in the Moldovan capitol in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Rocket blast cripples city's water supply, leaves residents dipping water from dirty pools created by burst pipes.

Lisa Mykolayiv.jpg

Family, friends, and relatives lay

this four year-old girl to rest after 

she was killed in an attack on 

their village by indiscriminate 

Russian artillary.

This video provides an excellent, quite accurate overview of the refugee crisis in Moldova as a result of the war in Ukraine. (NOTE: Graphic images)
"Is there shooting there?"

When You Look With Your Heart
a Song of hope for Ukraine

by David Crossman, featuring Karina Ionova

Click 'Play' to hear music
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