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Is the Minjin Project?

Minjin was a character created by David for a story he wrote for our kids, many years ago. She is an intrepid explorer who wants to find out 'all the wonder there is in the world.'


When we were trying to come up with a name for our non-profit, it just seemed to fit.


The purpose of The Minjin Project is to advance the Gospel by being the hands and feet of Christ and, as such, to encourage, nurture, and support individuals, groups, churches, and organizations involved in caring for His people.


Most of all, we're connectors. Our network of friends and associates is vast - and growing. We make it our business to introduce the right hand to the left, so they can work together to the greatest good of all .






Kind of things to we do?

Write, produce, and edit videos, teach, train teachers, conduct music ministry, build, help nationals start and grow businesses, conduct marriage seminars, mentor, design and develop websites, engage in ministry, reach out to communities, lead Bible-based life and justice training, undertake rescue missions . . . and whatever else the Lord requires.


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