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Can you help?

Simple. Just like Jesus, Paul, Peter, James, John, Thomas and a host of others, we need PMP: Prayer, Money, and People to join in the work.

Whatever form your participation in the work of The Minjin Project takes, we are most sincerely grateful, and will do our best to honor your support. God bless you!

If you would like to be a prayer partner, or if you would like for us to arrange for you to spend a week or two with us in Moldova or Romania, just write and let us know! We'd love to hear from you and, with your permission, add you to our newsletter list!

The Minjin Project is a tax-exempt

501-C3 organization.

If you would like to support us financially, please either click the button on the top right of the screen to donate via Paypal, or contact us directly at 615-512-6762 when we're in the States, 386-693-1357 when we're in Moldova, or anytime!

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In prayer, be bold. In spreading the Gospel, be Loving. In giving, be Generous. In all things, Give Thanks!

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