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David's Concert Schedule

Over the years, David has performed at such prestigious venues as Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, Bel Air Presbyterian, L.A., and Maadi Community Church in Egypt. As well as for youth groups, small churches of many Christian denominations, prisons, public schools, and small gatherings from Sudan and Uganda, to the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and across the United States.

A not common comment voiced by attendees after one of David's coffee-house concerts is: "Well, that's not what I expected." Which you can take any number of ways, but it's not surprising given the fact that it's not what he expected either.


The only thing that seems to hold true is that these events are entirely unprogrammed - with plenty of room for the Spirit to move - so anything might happen. And it usually does.


If you'd like a sample of David's music before you commit to attending one of the FREE concerts listed on the calendar on the right,  (a pretty bold move on your part), here's a good place to start: Music By David.

If - even after listening to the previews - you choose to host or attend a concert, well, on your own head be it. Be warned: "Aslan is not a tame lion."

This summer, David is scheduling coffeehouses in Florida, Maine,  Massachusetts, South Carolina, Tennessee, Colorado, and California to raise support for the work of The Minjin Project. If you'd like to book him for a coffee-house on one of the 'Date Available' slots on the calendar below, please email David directly at There is no charge, and the concerts are free, though we request to be allowed to take an offering, sell CDs and make an appeal for tax-deductible donations to The Minjin Project and our work in Moldova and Eastern Europe.

CONCERT/PRESENTATIONS for the summer of 2023 will appear in the calendar below as the dates are finalized. If you, your church, organization, or group would like to host such an event, please write and put Concert in the subject line. Thank you and God bless!



"I have known David and Barb Crossman for over 6 years. They are rock solid in their faith, they walk the talk; they are the “real deal”. They are both winsome, engaging, intelligent, passionate, kind, faithful followers of Jesus. If you’ve never met them, if you’ve never had him minister at your church, lay aside any fears or worries about inviting in someone you don’t know. They hold to all the essentials of the faith and you won’t have even a moment’s worry about him saying something divisive. That does NOT mean he won’t challenge you or your congregation to greater discipleship and to live the crucified life of following Jesus."

Rev. Dale Youngs
Russell Community Church
Greenville, S.C.

"David Crossman has brought his melodies and thoughts to the Jesus followers here in New England for many years, much to our delight. He is a musical storyteller with lyrics that help us look at our lives and our hearts and check our alignment with the Word of God. David makes us laugh, think, commit, renew, rest, and generally enjoy being in the arms of our loving, forgiving Savior. So, I would warmly recommend his ministry to anyone who wants to scrub a bit of the dust of the world off their hearts."

Rev. Bill Bickmore
New Life Community Church
Pepperell, MA

"The music of David Crossman is wonderfully entertaining as well as incredibly challenging. I have been privileged to hear how the Lord speaks through David and his music on a regular basis and have always come away amazed. I also know his heart, authentic and compassionate. Whether it's a concert for the masses or an intimate coffee house setting, you will be blessed! "  

Walter D. West , Pastor
Anastasia Baptist Church
Saint Augustine, FL 32080


"David Crossman joined us at the wonderful Maadi Community Church in the suburbs of Cairo, Egypt a number of years ago and wowed us right away with his warm personality, marvelous guitar playing and the singing of beautiful melodies with words that touch hearts. He is able through his music to engage the whole congregation, children included, in a concert that blessed us to the core. His music will have you singing, clapping, laughing, and full of joy one minute, and the next minute worshipping with tears rolling down your cheeks. His concerts are so unique; they are like nothing you have ever experienced. My family and I still talk about the concert to this day and often we listen to his music via the website and reminisce about how deeply we were affected by all that was sung and spoken about that day. Please do not miss the opportunity to attend and participate in this blessed ministry".


Miriam Kook

Former Music Director, Maadi Community Church

Maadi, Egypt


David Crossman is an exceptionally talented musician, wordsmith, and storyteller who weaves the gift of God's grace throughout his stories and music! David delves into the heart of the matter with Christians, and is able to prod our "sacred cows" with love and kindness. We are pleased to say that The Carpenter's Workshop Coffeehouse, and currently Cafe con Dios, has had a longstanding friendship with David, and we wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend him for your venue. Please feel free to contact me, should you have any questions.

Stu Rideout
Cafe con Dios
Auburn, MA

Dear fellow Christian: If you are eyeing one of David Crossman’s concerts, let me assure you that David, whom I have known for years, is a solid believer who confesses the basic Creeds of Christendom. That, however, does not mean that he is safe. He will begin by getting you to laugh at yourself and your churchy habits. But beware: you will soon be crying over your lack of compassion and the shallowness of your faith. I encourage you to stick it out. By the last song, you will be lifted up by an awareness of Christ’s forgiveness and love for you, and you will leave encouraged and empowered anew by the Holy Spirit. Don’t deliberate. Go!

Rev. Rick Doughty
Charlotte, NC

I have had the privilege of signing and recording with David many times over the years, and know you will be blessed by his beautiful and well crafted songs and dialogue during his concerts.  You will be challenged to check your heart and walk with the Lord, and to get out of your comfort zone! God has blessed and anointed David with tremendous talent that he uses to glorify the Lord, to encourage the body of Christ, and to be a vessel the Holy Spirit works through to reach out to unbelievers. 


Cindy Orr

Worship Leader

Russell community church 

Greenville, SC

We’ve had the pleasure of knowing David and Barb for many years, since David played the Mustard Seed Coffee House at our church in New England for the first of several concerts. Now that we live in central Texas, the Mustard Seed has been reborn as a house concert venue. David played two shows to benefit The Minjin Project, which is bringing aid and the love of Christ to thousands of refugees in Moldova as a result of the war in Ukraine. The Crossman’s heart for the Lord and the Lord’s leading is always evident in their ministry work. David’s music tells many stories that will strengthen your faith and his performance will move you, encourage you, make you laugh, challenge you, and bless you. 

Janyne Hornung
Mustard Seed Ministries
Austin, TX

David often uses talented local musicians and singers in his concerts - like Mike Calisto and Jimmy Silva, pictured here. Collectively, they're called Whirlwind. If you'd like to audition to join David onstage, please submit a link or MP3 so he can see you in action. You will be well-paid, in heaven.

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