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Have we worked with?

World Vision, Philippian Fellowship, Sudan Relief and Development, PEER Servants, Invest Credit, Phoenix Centre, AID Sudan, YWAM, Eastern European Pastor's Fund, Providenta Church, North River Community Church, Faith Baptist Church, Waldoboro Baptist Church, The Moldova Coalition, Life International, Anastasia Baptist Church, Focus on the Family, Bel-Air Presbyterian Church, Phoenix Centre, and BOL, Dancu Farms, International Christian Fellowship, American Language School, as well as numerous schools prisons, youth groups and independent Christian organizations.

Some of our projects, 2016~Present

The Minjin Project wrote, produced, directed and edited this fund-raising video for MAD-Aid's Phoenix Centre in Riscani.

When the dairy herd was decimated by drought in the village of Dancu, friends of the Minjin Project were able to provide two new bulls - who have now grown and begun to father a strong new herd. Since then, Minjin has worked on a number of projects with this Baptist-run small business entertprise, including building their new Dancu Farm website, and a number of informational, educational, and fund-raising videos.

We heard that a preschool in Chisinau has only a primitive - and dangerous - playground, we built a new one, with help from a group of local volunteers.

Wine is Moldova's most famous products. When export to Russia - traditionally its biggest market - was cut off because of the Moldovan parliament's pro-EU leanings, Tomai vinyard, like many others, found itself with plenty of great wine, and no market. The Minjin Project put them in touch with a marketing team from Stetson University in Florida, to explore ways to open new markets in Europe and North America. The Minjin Project even created new brands with more western appeal.

The Minjin Project helped get a transnistrian pastor and his family back on their feet after losing their home to fire.

The Minjin Project helped establish online markets for products hand-made by the women and men served by this amazing ministry to victims of human trafficking.

PEER Servants, with whom The Minjin Project has worked for years, introduced us to their Moldovan partner, Invest Credit. Since then we have written, produced, directed, and edited several videos for this dynamic provider of loans to individuals and start-up businesses.

For Christmas we connected the children of Anneni Noi with a U.S. church to provide 1200 fully illustrated 4-color Bible story books! Brought social workers to train locals in social work.

In 2017 The Minjin Project created a series of videos for this great organization working to meet the needs of under-served children and teens from the streets and poverty-stricken neighborhoods of Chisinau. Barbara and David now serve on the ministry's advisory board.

Thom Demaree came to Moldova with the Peace Corps - and stayed. The Minjin Project was honored to tell the story of his charitable foundation in this fund-raising video.

The Minjin Project is presently developing the Moldova Partner's Group online directory of every entity involved in development and humanitarian work in Moldova

Barbara served on the faculty teaching business communications and principles. UDG also turned to The Minjin Project to tell their story in video.

Moldovan founded, owned, and operated, since its opening, El Sadai Camps have brought the Gospel to over 70,000 children and young adults. The Minjin Project is honored to bring their story to the world in an on-going series of videos.

With its daycare center for disabled children in northern Moldova now in its sixth year of successful operation, Phoenix has recently completes Phase II, an 18-unit residential facility the likes of which Moldova has never known for which David created their website and all their promotional and fund-raising videos. Best of all, the generosity and sacrificial giving of our donors has contributed $40,000 toward the transformation of an abandoned, Soviet-era elementary school, into a modern facility the equal of any in Europe, and now Phoenix Pool provides much-needed therapy for both the seniors in residence and the children of Phoenix Centre.

We now attend this thriving school which is, in itself, a dynamic mission field hosting students from India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and a host of other nations who come to Moldova to study Missions, Business, Dentistry, and Medicine. We have the rare privilege of discipling these amazing young men and women for three to five years before they return to their predominantly non-Christian countries. David has the privilege of serving as mentor for the worship team and, once a year, hosts a coffee house concert to raise funds for Phoenix Centre or some other worthwhile cause.

Barbara has discovered a passion for using the teaching of English to provide life skills through the study of literature that carries important Biblical principles to students who, for the most part, are unchurched.



David regularly attends and, during the winter months, leads this gathering of devout Christian men who dig deep and - like iron sharpening iron - challenge one another to transform the Gospel into action, and live lives - as husbands, sons, fathers, citizens, workers, and members of the Lord's church - worthy of our high calling.



Barbara hosts a weekly women's Bible study in our home. This is where devout women dig deep into the Word in order to draw closer to the heart of God. In the process, they grow closer to one another.

Minjin has partnered with various dynamic Christian musicians in Moldova to co-host concerts during which attendees are invited to attend showings of the popular and transformative Jesus Film and The Chosen, for free, at participating churches. We provide the film in Russian, Romanian, and English, together with promotional materials and posters together with a battery-operated projector that will enable Christian churches and organizations to show the film at outdoor camps and in remote villages throughout the country. 



Thanks to the generosity of partner churches in the U.S., Minjin is able to distribute Romanian and Russian-language Bibles, and illustrated Bible story books in the thousands, at events such as the concerts and camps described above.  



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